Lesson 10

The Incarnation of Baba

This lesson covers firstly the introduction of Brahma Babas and the story of the Yagya. Marayadas are clearly explained in the context of spiritual study with clear explanations. The tree (or cycle) with the incarnation of the prophet souls and ultimately the incarnation of Shiv Baba. Students are introduced to Avakyt and Sakar murlis.

Brahma Babas Introduction

Speak about the story of his life, giving a feeling of appreciation for the role and the part. Covering details such as how he had visions, use extracts from Adi Dev. 

The Yagya

Speak about the foundation and early days of the Yagya and stories of Mama.  


Speaking about the details of the Brahmin lifestyle (not necessarily mentioning the word marayadas) by connecting them to the 'four pillars of Raja Yoga' and the Paras intellect. Everything depends on the intellect, the aim is to protect the divine intellect. The code of conduct is there to protect the intellect to have success in life.

Alternating simpler lifestyle points such as food, yoga, respect for the yagya and seniors with points such as purity and amrit vela. Including the 'sadana' (spiritual endeavour) on where the attention is. Giving logical reasons for everything, such as; it is benificial for the body, mind, divine intellect, for the environment.

What helps to explain celibacy?

Speak about celebacy giving three points 1) love for God, to be fully in that 2) you are a student - focused, concentrated 3) it is an option in your life. Tell all the details, they shouldn't say that they didn't know. The experience has been that it feels good to give this lesson.

Introducing Murlis

Speaking about the difference between the Avakyt and the Sakar murli. Explain that BapDada speaks the murli through the body of Dadi Gulzar. Read a murli. Through the murli the students have the chance to experience that it is the Supreme Soul speaking directly to them. The connection and attainment helps to understand the reasons for following a code of conduct. 

The Tree and the Prophet Souls

If the tree hasn't been covered it might be good to start with the tree of humanity and talk about the prophet soul incarnations and then ShivBaba’s incarnation. By the time ShivaBaba is mentioned they are used to hearing about how special souls come into the drama.

What about details of the prophet souls? Such as the Christ soul coming into the body of Jesus?

When they come to murli they will hear the details, so it may not be necessary to go into it. Janyanti speaks with lots of love and respect about each prophet. Emphasis on the family of humanity and the role of God. This is a model, it can be delivered with that neutrality. Students will each take what they want from it. Baba says those from other religions will come and claim an aim and a good status in their own religion. 

Shiv Baba's Incarnation

This is the uniqueness of this spiritual model. Shiva Baba’s incarnation is profound because he is the only one that knows the map, who knows Raven properly. This is so different from other models. This is a good lesson to reinforce this. Only ShivBaba can teach Raja Yoga. This is such a chance for everyone to take benifit. Take benefit from the One who clearly knows the big picture. Everyone has fallen and He himself had to come, this is why He is called God, this is why He is remembered. When we give the course we are communicating overtly or subtly; you are the highest you are that Angel, you are a child of God. Though your own self realisation, through your own soul consciousness you can know and build a relationship with God.

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